Project Updates

The Scotland's Land Reform Futures project began in April 2022. Key achievements during the first year (2022 - 2023) include: 

- Recruitment and completion of baseline interviews with the Stakeholder Advisory Group. The first meeting of the Stakeholder Advisory Group was held in Edinburgh and online on 31st August 2022. An online meeting was held in December 2022 and a further hybrid meeting was held in Inverness in March 2023. Prior to the March meeting, members of the Stakeholder Advisory Group and the project teams enjoyed visits to Tornagrain and Bunloit Estate.

- A technical feasibility study exploring options for the integration of land data was established, including meetings with key stakeholders such as the Scottish Government's Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate and Registers of Scotland. A social feasibility study was developed to understand community land data needs, which involved interviews with representatives of community landowners across rural Scotland. The first report for this task can be found here

- A literature and evidence review was completed that explored international models of ownership and control of land that are different from those predominant in Scotland, and what analysis of these models might contribute to achieving land reform outcomes in Scotland. The report explores in detail seven case studies representing a range of different countries, goals, ownership and governance models. The final report is available here and a visual summary is available here.

- A literature review was undertaken to understand how members of the public value land in non-monetary ways. This literature review will inform the development of valuation methods and impact evaluation methods using public questionnaires that will seek to enhance understandings of the impact of land reform on ‘new’ values of land.