Stakeholder Advisory Group

The 'Scotland's Land Reform Futures' Stakeholder Advisory Group was established in 2022 and will work together with the Hutton and SRUC research teams until 2027. The purpose of the Stakeholder Advisory Group is to co-construct the research approach, provide access to Scottish land and knowledge networks, link to case studies, and support open science. The members will share expert opinions (e.g. cultural, fiscal, practical and legal) to inform the research process. The Advisory Group will support both the 'Scotland's Land Reform Futures' project led by the James Hutton Institute and the project led by SRUC. 

Stakeholder Advisory Group meetings are held in hybrid form, three times per year. Approved meeting minutes can be found below, and the Terms of Reference can be found here.

The membership of the Stakeholder Advisory Group involves: 

Malcolm Combe

Gemma Cooper

Maria de la Torre

Andrew Duncan

Sandra Holmes

Patrick Krause

Sarah-Jane Laing

James Mackessack-Leitch

Duncan MacPherson

Artemis Pana

Catriona Mallows

Jessica Maxwell

Agnes Rennie

Claudia Rowse


Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting Minutes [please note that hyperlinks are not yet available]

31st August 2022 (slides can be viewed here and Steven Thomson's slides are available here)

8th December 2022 (slides can be viewed here)

21st March 2023 (slides can be viewed here)